Unveiling Chennai's Best Kept Secrets...

Chennai is a city that requires time to be understood and be appreciated in its entirety for its culture and heritage. That's exactly what we, the Chennai Ladies have done - Taken time and efforts to unveil Chennai's best kept secrets for the women travelling to the IFC! We have curated a tailored experience, just for you. We wish to showcase the city for its artistic might and art, while sensitively presenting the city's culture and heritage. The experiences will be a mix of retail, story and education of our cultural past.

Day 1: Dancer for a Day

Kalakshetra, is a pioneering performance art institution of classical music, started by Rukmini Arundale. This sprawling campus echoes the sound of music, as one will get to explore and see a class in progress. In addition, we will visit the textile centre where the institution creates various products in Kalamkari silks and cottons along with Kanjivaram Saris. Participants can witness artists working and understand the Kalamkari process, and gain access to the small yet unique boutique, which is probably Kalakshetra's best- kept secret.

Day 2: The Kanchi Express

The day begins with a visit to the beautifully crafted sandstone temple built in the 7th century AD – the Kailasnath temple. Rajasimha started the construction of the temple but it was completed by his son Mahendra Varma Pallava in the Year 773 AD. Participants will then be treated to a sumptuous South Indian Meal, served traditionally on a banana leaf, post which they will be taken to the home studio of a weaver. Here, our textile expert accompanying us and, the weaver will explain the process of how a sari is woven and the different types of weaves that are practiced in this town. After this interactive session, the group will be escorted to a sari showroom where you can purchase a very special Kanchivaram Sari and other garments prominent in this region.

Day 3: The Story of Bronze

This is a walking tour of the mesmerizing bronze collection at the Madras Government Museum, which boasts of the most exquisite bronze items from over the last 1300 years. This will be led by an archaeologist, who will not only describe the history of these artifacts, but also weave in stories of these bronzes. It ends with a fun quiz that has a competitive element to make things interactive. This is followed by a visit to the home of a private collector, where one can see similar artifacts in a different context.

The Future is Handmade:

Participants will be taken to exclusive showrooms where the best of Jewellery, Craft and Art are available for sale - like M.RM.RM Foundation and the manual showroom for basket weaving; Kamala the uniquely vibrant store by the Craft Council of India which sells handmade products and; Sukra – the pioneers in temple jewellery.

Chennai is calling... Ladies, come in large numbers and let us together unravel the mysteries of this beautiful city.